Miniatlas application

  • For healthcare professionals

  • Each book contains chapters and images

  • Edited images

The Miniatlas application allows medical professionals to have quality scientific illustrations on their mobile devices which are useful in their daily professional practice as well as for use in presentations with other professional colleagues.

The Miniatlas application is available for each specialty and each disease.


Smartphones and tablets have now become part of our everyday lives. Their size, ease of use and interactivity makes them an ideal support tool for the completion of numerous daily tasks – whether in our personal or our professional lives. For this reason, ec-europe has specialised in developing applications and created a collection of applications called Miniatlas over 5 years ago.

The Miniatlas applications provide doctors with a complete collection of quality medical images, which they can use at any time, both in their daily work with patients and in dealing with other professionals in their field. The available titles are sorted by specific diseases or medical specialities.

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iOS, Android and Windows


The Miniatlas application is organised into three categories:

  • Books: may contain one or more books. Each book within the application contains all the information about the disease to be treated.
  • Chapters: index of chapters contained in the book.
  • Images: list of images in each chapter.

Main page

Once launched, the book or books contained in the application and a list of recently consulted contents appear on the main screen. In addition, there is a menu that provides access to Edited Images, Favourites and the About Us section.

Navigating within the app

The application permits quick and easy access to its content. After entering the book, we find a list of chapters that allows us to access the images.

Each image is accompanied by an explanatory text with the option of enlarging or reducing the font size. We also find a series of tools that allows us to carry out different options:


Miniatlas application


    The pharmaceutical company has the option to limit the content of some chapters. Such content is accessible via a professional account with username and password. In these chapters, the pharmaceutical company can place information on the sponsoring drug(s) or any other information it considers necessary.

    There are different advertising options within the application. It can be customised with the colours of the pharmaceutical company or the sponsoring drug. The application contains banners and various locations in which to place the product and the pharmaceutical company’s logos.

    Upon the pharmaceutical company’s request, explanatory leaflets can be provided during the medical sales representative’s visit. These describe the main features of the application, how it works and where it can be downloaded. They include the logos and colours of the pharmaceutical company.


    The content of the application, as well as the material of the pharmaceutical company, can be updated instantly, without having to update the application in the store.


    ec-europe takes care of publishing the application in the relevant store (Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Store) and of obtaining user usage statistics.

    Likewise, applications are updated systematically to the latest available version of each operating system.


CLIENT: Sanofi

COUNTRY: Middle East


DESCRIPTION: A collection of full-color medical images on the gastrointestinal system and related diseases. It also includes a chapter with images on probiotics. The access to the app contents is password-protected.


COUNTRY: Portugal


DESCRIPTION: This app offers the doctor a selection of detailed illustrations related to hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.
The access is protected so only users with a username and password can view its contents.

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