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    Step 1: doctor’s details

  • Step 2:

    Selecting the content

  • Step 3 and 4:

    – Sending by e-mail
    – Sending for printing

The Booklet Maker application enables users to create customised recommendation booklets for patients. Healthcare professionals can choose which information to include in the material and customise it with their photograph and contact details.


A large number of companies have now incorporated tablets as working devices for their medical sales representatives. Their size, ease of use and portability makes them an ideal support tool for the sales force. For this reason, ec-europe has specialised in the development of applications that add value and increase the opportunities that these devices offer the industry.
In line with this philosophy, Booklet Maker was created. When installed on representatives’ iPads, it helps doctors to create recommendation booklets for patients during a medical sales visit – exactly in accordance with their preferences. The application allows users to choose from a wide variety of content blocks with illustrations and explanations about diseases. In this way, each doctor can select the information they believe to be most relevant to their patients. In addition, they can customise brochures with their photograph and contact details. Once a design has been selected, the booklets can be delivered immediately as a PDF file, or as printed copies at a later stage. In both formats, the booklets give doctors the opportunity to provide their patients with customised materials, designed especially for them.

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Online tutorial:

PC and Mac

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or more

iOS and Android


When installed on a medical representative’s tablet, the application allows doctors to create a fully customised patient booklet during the medical sales visit.
The easy-to-use, very intuitive application is divided into 4 sections:
Gallery: main screen of the app.
Sent by e-mail: section where booklets sent by e-mail are displayed.
For printing: section where designs waiting to be sent for printing are placed.
Printouts: booklets sent for printing, sorted by sending date.


  • Step 1: doctor’s details

    Pressing the “create new booklet” button in the gallery instantly launches the window with the professional’s details.

    The first step is to enter the doctor’s details.

  • Step 2: selecting the cover page and content

    The pages that appear now have to be filled with content. The cover page and all inside pages can be customised. All it takes is selecting the image to be used and dragging it to the relevant location. This procedure must be repeated until all booklets are completed.

    Once the design is finalised, it must be saved so that it is stored in the gallery under its creation date.

  • Step 3: sending by e-mail

    The representative can send the doctor an e-mail containing a link for downloading a PDF version of the booklet. This provides the doctor with the images they have selected in digital format.

  • Step 4: sending for printing

    If the representative selects the option “send for printing”, the application sends the booklet to ec-europe, which (along with its distributor) manages the printing of booklets and then sends them to the sales force. The finished format will be high-quality prints. The features of the booklet sent to doctors are:
    Digital prints
    150 g coated paper
    Size: 15 x 21 cm
    Packs of 25/50 booklets

    The process ends with the representative returning to the doctor’s surgery to deliver the patient booklets the doctor has created a few days earlier.


Booklet Maker is also available for healthcare professionals, so they can use it and create their patient booklets whenever they like.

App version for mobile devices

Doctors can download the application free of charge directly from a store (Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store).

The functions of the application are the same as those of the app used by representatives. Doctors can create a customised booklet for patients. Created booklets can only be sent by e-mail.

Web version

Via a medical portal or the pharmaceutical company’s corporate website, doctors can access Booklet Maker online, allowing them to create customised booklets for patients.

The booklets created can be sent by e-mail and stored on a personal computer for subsequent printing.




    ec-europe takes care of developing content blocks based on a brief sent by the pharmaceutical company.

    The environment of the application can be customised with logos and colours of the pharmaceutical company or sponsoring drug.

    The application likewise allows clients to place logos on the cover page of the booklet.


    The technical support includes an instruction manual and a tutorial video to train representatives. Both materials are available within the application.

    ec-europe and its distributors provide the technical support required for installing the app on sales force tablets, we are also in charge of printing the posters and sending data to the product managers. Likewise, it takes care of publishing the application in the app stores (in the case of downloads) or implementing them online on the corporate website.

    We also offer statistics on the use of the application.



COUNTRY: South Africa


DESCRIPTION: With this Booklet Maker on acne, doctors can create personalised booklets with information and advice for the patient that fit different situations and needs. It contains 20 blocks that cover different aspects of acne and eczema as well as their management.

CLIENT: Takeda



DESCRIPTION: Covering all the basics of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease that people with these conditions should know about, this Booklet Maker was made to enhance doctor-patient communication. With this tool, patients can receive a booklet that is adapted to their particular case.

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