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  • The platform allows images to be found quickly and easily

  • Medical Image Bank includes a wide variety of tools for editing, downloading and printing images

  • An image can be downloaded onto a computer or tablet and/or sent for printing

The Medical Image Bank is a bank of medical illustrations for the web. It offers a wide variety of images that medical professionals can edit, save and print for use in their presentations.


In addition to their health care work, many medical professionals carry out other activities such as conferences, teaching at universities or clinical sessions at the hospital. For this, they must often prepare presentations containing medical diagrams or images.

Currently, the internet is the most used source for obtaining these images or graphics but, in this way, it is difficult to know the origin or existence of copyright of the material found.

For all these reasons, Medical Image Bank was created. This bank of online images enables doctors to obtain quality scientific images and to edit, save and use them in their presentations and materials.

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iOS, Android and Windows

The platform allows images to be found quickly and easily. These can be accessed through the main index, which groups the images into different categories.

Access to images

The platform also has a search engine that allows images to be searched by keyword. Each image can be accompanied by a brief description.


Medical Image Bank includes a wide variety of tools for editing, downloading and printing images. For ease of use, the service includes a Help section explaining what each tool does.

The editing menu includes the tools required for making notes on the image without needing to know much about design.

Finally, an image can be downloaded onto a computer or tablet and/or sent for printing.




    Medical Image Bank allows pharmaceutical companies different customisation options. Colours can be adjusted and logos can be added, which can function as links to the corporate website of the pharmaceutical company.

    If there is more than one sponsoring drug, each image or group of images can be associated with the logo of the corresponding drug.


    The service includes a licence for using images, specifying the situations in which they can be used. The images cannot be used for commercial purposes.


    ec-europe is responsible for keeping in contact with the head of technology at the pharmaceutical company, if requested, to manage the implementation of the Medical Image Bank on the corporate website.

    Web analytics

    Medical Image Bank includes access to an analysis engine to check, among other things: unique visits, sessions, duration of sessions, the computer operating system used, browser used, most viewed images, etc.

    New technology

    Medical Image Bank works with HTML5 technology which allows the image bank to be displayed in any browser, not only on computers but also on tablets, iOS, Android and Windows.




MEDICAL SPECIALTIES: Gynaecology and Fertility

DESCRIPTION: This Medical Image Bank  contains images about gynaecology and fertility. It also contains hyperlinks to the technical sheets of various sponsor drugs.
The images themselves are also branded with the drugs’ logos.



MEDICAL SPECIALTIES: Oncology, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Urology and Traumatology

DESCRIPTION: This Medical Image Bank consist of a large collection of medical images, with 175 illustrations that cover relevant aspects and conditions related to the following topics: oncology, haematology, viral hepatitis, renal transplantation, dialysis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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