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Miniatlas is a large collection of illustrated medical pocket atlases created to facilitate the physician-patient communication. With more than 100 titles (covering from broad specialities to specific diseases), this collection has sold more than 4 million books all over the world to the Pharma Industry.


Our print materials (foldout brochures, posters, patient tear-out sheets, etc.) are effective visual tools for health education that combine our beautiful yet rigorous medical images with supportive texts written by our medical team.

The variety of formats and sizes make this range of products a versatile and timeless classic in patient-doctor communication.

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The Miniatlas collection has been designed to be a practical and essential support for physician-patient relationship.

Medical illustrations included in each title show anatomy and physiology processes that can be easily understood by both doctor and patients. Images are clear and precise and include all the necessary references.

With it pocket size (10×15 cm) and its extremely clear presentation and layout the Miniatlas series is an essential complement to daily practice: doctors can quickly find all the anatomical illustrations necessary to help patients understand their disease or condition.




    Each book usually consists of 3 main sections describing the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the specific topic. Treatment chapters can be added and content customisation is allowed in order to suit customer’s needs.





DESCRIPTION: This Miniatlas is devoted to Sarcoma and contains 24 full-color illustrations about the aspects of this disease that are most relevant for clinical practice. It is more focused on soft tissue sarcomas than in the bone type sarcomas. It covers the different sarcoma subtypes, with insights on their epidemiological patterns, most frequent locations, histopathology, and other main distinguishing features. It has also a whole section devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the various stages in soft tissue sarcoma, providing the doctor with a comprehensive review of the therapeutic approach to this condition.

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