Tearpad includes a diptych/triptych part with full-color high quality medical images and their explanatory texts related to a certain condition o medical procedure. It also features a tear-out sheet block so the doctor can give the patient a leaflet containing the key points explained at the end of the consultation.

A product meant for both doctors and patients!


Our print materials (foldout brochures, posters, patient tear-out sheets, etc.) are effective visual tools for health education that combine our beautiful yet rigorous medical images with supportive texts written by our medical team.

The variety of formats and sizes make this range of products a versatile and timeless classic in patient-doctor communication.

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    Treatment sections can be added and content customisation is allowed in order to suit customer’s needs.



COUNTRY: Austria


DESCRIPTION: With this tearpad, the doctor can help patients solve their doubts about hepatitis C, as well as to understand the transmission and risk factors of this virus. This triptych tearpad consists of an introduction on epidemiology information as well as an overview of the different diagnosis and treatment recommendations between the WHO and EASL. The tearpad also features a tear-out sheet block so the doctor can give the patient a leaflet containing the some notes he/she can write on the provided space as well as some lifestyle recommendations at the end of the consultation.

CLIENT: Abbvie

COUNTRY: Austria

MEDICAL SPECIALTIES: Infectology and Immunology

DESCRIPTION: This tearpad allows the doctor to explain to his patient the basics of Respiratory synctytial Virus (RSV) and Bronchiolitis. With its clear, patient-friendly images illustrated in full-color, and its concise texts (supported by up-to-date references) it becomes easy to empower the parents with all the knowledge they should have to understand and manage their child condition. This tearpad will help them learn about the difference between vaccination and immunization. In addition, at the end of the consultation, the doctor can give him a leaflet that summarizes what he/she has explained and sign and awareness and consent form.

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