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Training Manuals are sales force training materials in an interactive and easy-to-use format, designed for iPad.


Pharmaceutical companies carry out a specific internal training for their representatives to ensure that they are well-prepared. Providing training materials for sales visits is a challenge: for pharmaceutical companies due to the high costs of printing, and for representatives, who must carry the printed manuals to doctors’ surgeries in order to look things up in cases of doubt.

ec-europe has created Training Manuals for iPad to solve the problems associated with printed training materials and to take advantage of the features of the iPad in order to convert them into a format that is more attractive and stimulating for representatives and provides additional benefits.

These Manuals add to the other products we have created to provide useful tools for the iPads of the sales force of pharmaceutical companies.

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From paper/ppt to iPad

ec-europe edits the material provided by the pharmaceutical company to lend it a homogenous design adapted to the digital format required for the iBooks application.

The content is structured in accordance with the guidelines provided by the pharmaceutical company. The various modules and chapters can be accessed easily from the bar at the bottom of the screen.


The content comes alive with high-quality illustrations, animations and videos taken from ec-europe’s extensive library of images covering most medical specialties and pathologies. All illustrations, graphics and tables can be animated.

The manuals can also include videos, provided either by the pharmaceutical company or by ec-europe, showing the mechanism of action of the sponsoring drug, for example.

Creation of notes

Representatives can underline texts with distinctive colours, add notes or comments and view the notes and selected text in a quick view section where they are organised by chapter and by the selected colour.

Selected content can also be reproduced in card format for quick and easy viewing. Finally, if the representative wishes, he or she can send this content by e-mail.


The application has a menu with various options, to access either the content, the marked text or notes written by the representative. There is also a keyword search engine that allows users to find content throughout the manual. Entire pages can also be marked, either to indicate the last page viewed or that the page is important.

Glossary of terms

The iPad version of the manual also has a glossary of terms related to the content. Words that appear in the glossary are indicated with a different colour throughout the manual.

All it takes is tapping on the word and a window with the definition appears. The glossary can also be accessed from the menu where all terms are listed alphabetically.

Self-assessment questionnaire

The manuals can contain self-assessment questionnaires that allow representatives to test their understanding of the concepts included in the manual. The questionnaire can also be supplemented by interactive exercises.




    The manual can be customised with the colours of the company or the sponsoring drug. It can also have logos on the front cover.


    ec-europe is responsible for creating the link and sending it to the pharmaceutical company for distribution to its sales force. Via this link, users can download the Training Manual file in iBook format and save it in the iBooks library of their iPad. Access to the download can be protected with a username and password.




DESCRIPTION: Book collection of three training pills on Biostatistics delegates.
The main attraction of these iBooks is that they are highly interactive and mainly formed by animations made by ec-europe.




DESCRIPTION: The iBook is customized with the product guide lines and, to give more value to the material, it includes medical-scientific illustration.
This iBook has a list of keywords (glossary) and self-evaluation questions so that the user can interact with the material he is reading.

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